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Large circle double tie type automatic winding and tie machine
Large circle double tie type automatic winding and tie machine
  • Large Circle Double Tie Type Automatic Winding And Tie Machine

  • Item No : WPM-RT-02T

  • Automatic Winding And Tie Machine
    Technical Parameters:
    Suitable For AC/DC/USB Cable
    Winding Appearance Large Circle Double Tie Tape
    Applicable Line Length ≤14m
    Applicable Wire Diameter ≤10 Mm
    The Inner Diameter Of The Circle Is 150-300mm
    Binding Diameter ≤40 Mm
    The Head Is Left 60-200 Mm Long
    The Tail Length Is 60-150 Mm
    Production Efficiency ≤ 1000PCS /h (1-meter Line Length, 3 Turns, Outcrop, And Tail)
    Applicable Binding Tape-coated Iron Core ≤ 7.5kg/roll
    Applicable Pressure 0.55-0.65Mpa
    Applicable Voltage 220V 5A
    Machine Power ≤2800W
    The Machine Size Is About 1150L*755D*1600H Mm
    The Weight Of The Machine Is About 230KG

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Detailed description
Large circle double tie type automatic winding and tie machine WPM-RT-02T

Technical parameters:
Suitable for AC/DC/USB cable
Winding appearance large circle double tie tape
Applicable line length ≤14m
Applicable wire diameter ≤10 mm
The inner diameter of the circle is 150-300mm
Binding diameter ≤40 mm
The head is left 60-200 mm long
The tail length is 60-150 mm
Production efficiency ≤ 1000PCS /h (1-meter line length, 3 turns, outcrop, and tail)
Applicable binding tape-coated iron core ≤ 7.5kg/roll
Applicable pressure 0.55-0.65Mpa
Applicable voltage 220V 5A
Machine power ≤2800W
The machine size is about 1150L*755D*1600H mm
The weight of the machine is about 230KG

Main components:
Cylinder: Yadeke cylinder and solenoid valve
Motor: Winding servo motor 1500W Turbot
Motor: line translation servo motor 750W Turbot
Motor: 57 stepper motor thunder race
Motor: Twisted tie belt 57 stepper motor thunder race
Motor: storage tie belt 6W fixed speed
Take line translation: double slider
Lower jaw translation: double guide rail
PLC: vigor
Screen: Dimension control
Power supply: clear weft
Frame: iron frame, painted, blue and white
Wire grab/twisting claw/lower claw Material: stainless steel
Drive system: high-reliability servo system, a control system for the high-speed stable industrial controller and system software, Chinese and English bilingual version.

1, new style, high matching, large and medium circle, tie a tie or two ties;
2, suitable for AC line, hose, rope, head, and tail with the same side, head, and tail edge;
3, winding motor adopts 1500W servo, full power, more stable;
4, take the line translation motor 750W servo, eliminate the step loss phenomenon of the stepping motor and demagnetization problem;
5, take line translation slider adopts double slider, take line translation more smooth, and more stable;
6, the lower claw translation adopts a double guide rail, and the lower claw translation is more smooth, flat, and stable;
7, the top transparent chassis, pipeline layout and quality at a glance, high-grade atmosphere, three sides + top four sides can be disassembled, convenient maintenance;
8, independent power distribution cabinet, can be removed as a whole, electrical lines standard, neat, standard, convenient maintenance;
9, the bearing capacity of the tie belt can reach 7.5kg, reducing The time of changing the tie belt, and improving work efficiency;
10. Single button is added to the spit tie belt structure, making installation and debugging more convenient;
11, rubber band under the claw structure optimization, make rubber band more wear resistance, installation and debugging more convenient,
12, aluminum plate, conversion plate, fully upgraded into steel material, the machine is more durable;
13. The connection structure of the twisting claw, taking claw and lower claw is made of stainless steel, which is more stable and beautiful.
14, coil structure upgrade, less noise, more stable;
15, the production efficiency can reach 1000 pieces/hour (1-meter line), saving labor;
16, easy to operate, easy to debug, easy to maintain;
17, small size, does not occupy the place, save the rent of the site;
18, humanized design, reduce the fatigue intensity of staff;
Programmable logic controller (PLC) control, Bilingual man-machine interface control;

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